Monday, April 2, 2007

Member list

Members are listed in the comments section of this post.

There is no formal admission or registration of members. You become a member by (1) posting a notice in a prominent place on your blog and (2) adding yourself to this membership list.

Please do not leave comments on this list. This list is intended to be used only for the listing of members. Comments should be left on the "Overview" page or other appropriate page of this website. There is one comment that is already here and I am going to leave it here.


Larry Fafarman said...

Member No: 1
Name: Larry Fafarman
I'm from Missouri
Association of Non-Censoring Bloggers
Date of membership: April 1, 2007
Larry Fafarman is the founder and president of the ANCB. His "I'm from Missouri" blog has been a no-censorship blog since it began in April 2006. Larry's "I'm from Missouri" blog has a large collection of posts on the subject of Internet censorship.

Alan Fox said...


Thank-you for the invitation, but now Intelligent Design is defunct as a political/religious movement after the Kitzmiller decision, I rarely even visit my own blog, as there is very little left to say on the matter now. I commend your commitment against censorship. I think the moderation at Uncommon Descent has contributed in no small way to the rapid decline in support for ID.

Alan Fox said...

On reflection, what harm can it do, and it was a very civil request.

Member n° 2
Name: Alan Fox
Blog: Languedoc diary
Date joined: 9th May 2007

As the victim of several bans from pro-ID sites and having seen heavy moderation prevent the free exchange of ideas and create animosity where none need exist, I thought i would experiment with a blog that had no moderation or censorship beyond reserving the right to delete spam and obscenity. You can judge for yourself if the experiment worked.

Alan Fox said...


This confirms that I no longer wish to be a member of this association, for reasons made clear here.

Voice in the Wilderness said...

There are no practicing members of this "association". Larry has been practicing arbitrary censorship on his "I'm From Missouri" blog for some time now. It is just a matter of time before he begins it on this one.